Join Kristyna in making a BRAND NEW ALBUM with Pledge Music
Join Kristyna in making a BRAND NEW ALBUM with Pledge Music



Hello lovely friends,

I would love to invite you to join me on a new adventure- to create my NEW ALBUM “Paint A Brighter Day”! I’ve chosen this title because I hope to do just that, to encourage you on your journey with uplifting songs and share reflections on lessons I’ve learned. I’ll be teaming up with Pledge Music to offer you exclusive packages like coming into the studio to watch whilst we make the record and other exciting offers, plus I’ll send you behind the scene updates and never before seen videos only pledgers will get to see.

We launched on 25th September !

With your help we’ll have 60 days to meet the goal and then the exciting incentives you’ve pledged for can start. You’ll enable me to record my album with Mercury Prize Nominated producer Andy Ross and my incredible band, manufacture the record onto CD and get it onto iTunes and other platforms for new people to hear.
If you’d like to join me on this exciting journey I would absolutely love your support. The first step is creating a PledgeMusic account here. Click on the ‘Sign In’ tab at the bottom of the screen, enter your name and email and your account will be created. Step two is looking at the exclusive incentives on my site and then seeing if anything takes your fancy and pledging! Once we’ve reached 100% of the goal your debit/credit card will be debited for the amount you’ve pledged for, but not until then.

I’ll also be taking the Paint A Brighter Day Challenge for 60 days posting an uplifting or inspirational photo/quote to encourage us each day to look at life with a glass half full mentality. If you’d like to join me that’d be fantastic!

I’m so excited about about all the new doors we can open together and look forward to all the awesome experiences we’ll share too!

Speak soon

Lots of love


Kristyna x


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